The Urban Fabric and Traditional Houses of Kirkuk

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Türkmen araştırmacı yazar Suphi Saatçi‘nin Kerkük evleri ile ilgili İngilizce dilindeki eseri The Urban Fabric and Traditional Houses of Kirkuk sadece Kerkük Kitapçısı’nda.

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Kirkuk -a city which has shared a fate similar to other Iraqian, Anatolian and Middle Eastern cities- awaits the discovery of its rich social structure, history, vernacular tongue, tradition, folklore and architecture.

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of Kirkuk is its traditional houses. This rich cultural heritage, which was created by Turkomans and which provides valuable clues about the world view and traditional way-of-life of peoples that have occupied this area. Studying the historic development and urban fabric of Kirkuk is also important for an understanding of the city’s urban history.

The present volume attempts to document the contributions made by Turkomans to the field of residential architecture. As a product of the society that has fostered it, the traditional Kirkuk house has been studied in this book in a scientifically rigorous way.

The similarity between the traditional houses of Kirkuk and those of other Anatolian cities vividly demonstrates the shared values that these peoples possess.

The traditional Kirkuk house has been shaped by issues centered upon the future, rather than a quest-for-aesthetics based on past forms.

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